About Us

BlogsPick is a Technical Blog posting website where common user issues are addressed. The area or topic of concern is majorly focused on common yet complicated peripheral devices in households, Routers and Printers. The blog aims at providing reliable solutions to common problems associated with these devices in simple terms. We understand that although these routers and printers have become very common household items, but most of the non-tech community find it difficult to address even sample problems due to lack of knowledge. We aim to create more understanding of these devices among its users. The blogs here are generally written on common and frequent malfunctions faced by the users. Often it has been noticed that a non-tech user find it difficult to troubleshoot even simplest of problems associated with their electronic device and that is why they spend a hefty sum to the technicians. We aim to bridge that gap and make people self sufficient. The blog narrates a detailed solution to the common router/printer problems in layman’s term.

What kind of Blogs/Articles can be found on the website?

The BlogsPick aims to provide simple solutions to common router and printer issues faced by users on a daily basis. A user can find various topics of their interest which are categorized on the basis of brands. This in turn users to find their topic of interest easily, a user can simply login to the Blog and look for his router/printer brand and then proceed accordingly. These Blogs mainly focuses on providing detailed stepwise and easy to understand instructions.

Can a user put up a Blog?

YES! We wanted to create a blog website accessible to all. If the user is a registered member and He/She feels that they can provide a detailed solution to a problem in the form of a blog then they are most welcome to do so. The blogs written by the users though will take upto 24- 48 hrs before making public, as these have to be checked by our moderation team for authenticity first.

How it is different from other similar website:

The main difference is in approach, the articles and blogs on the website are created mostly by experienced router and printer engineers. Our moderation team too consist of the same. This is to ensure the quality is maintained throughout. If a user wants to put up an article on the website, even that would have to be first approved by the moderation team. So the quality of the material will never be compromised.