FAQ General Question
As you need to know about Blogspick and how to get support.

How to submit article/blog?
In order to submit your article/blog on blogspick.com, make sure you have an author account. Although the process of registration is quite simple and you can do it on your own. Here is the link https://www.blogspick.com/ signup from where you can get your authors account for free.

Do we have to pay any charge for publishing article?
No, there is no need to pay anything in order to publish your content either it is blog or article on blogspick.com. Actually, it is a free service that is availed by the authors.

Do I receive any payment for submitted article/blog?
No, blogspick.com is a platform from where authors can post the content of their choice in order to gain popularity. We do not pay anything for the work that you have submitted.

Is there any limit for the number of articles that you want to post on blogspick.com?
No, there is no any limit i.e., you can post any number of articles without any hassle.

Which HTML tags we allow?
We allow different HTML tags for article body, author signature as well as authors bio. HTML tags for article body –

How to change profile picture of authors account on blogspick.com?
To upload a photo, first log into your account. After logging into your account, you have to choose the option My account link from the top of the menu. After that, click on option Change Profile Picture and change your display picture successfully.

FAQ Other Questions
As you need to know about Blogspick and how to get support.

How much time is needed for publishing the article?
Well, our experts first review your content before it gets published. You only have to wait for 24 hrs to publish your article on blogspick.com. If due to any reason your article is rejected then you will be notified via email. But do not worry, after making changes, you can again submit your content.

Can I republish the article that is already published by another author?
No, we do not allow to re-publish any content. Before posting your content make sure your content is unique, free from grammatical errors, and simple to understand.

If I want to submit another article, then do I have to register again?
No, you need not to register again because our system is designed in such a way after registering at the single time, you can freely post your content. So, feel free to submit your articles on blogspick.com but please do not spam our system.

What is the procedure for reporting copyright violation?
You can contact us through https://www.blogspick.com/contact-us/. But before that, you have all supporting evidence that can help us to investigate the issue.

How to search blogspick directory?
There is a search bar on the top of the page from where you can search for authors name, article title, content that you want to read.