How To Apply Ardell Magnetic Lashes?

Then chances are you likely know that I rarely wear false lashes if you’ve been after my blog. I adore the way they look, but often the glue is extremely messy, gluey, after which you operate the risk of destroying your complete attention makeup look in the event that glue is not tacky enough. With this valid reason, once I first learned about magnetic lashes, I was instantly inquisitive to test them out for myself. No glue? No messiness? No looking forward to the glue to have tacky? Yep, count me personally in!

Ardell recently circulated their new eyelashes being magnetic London Drugs. These lashes retail for $19.99 and again and again because you don’t use glue to apply them, you are able to actually re-use and re-wear them. I have used mine about 8 times now and they’re in perfect condition still. The style I like most is their Double 110 lash, it is a bit softer, fluffier, and more searching that is normal.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: these should be so hard to use! And, initially – there. They simply take some training being employed to, but when you do they have been a dream that is total wear. Don’t stress you a couple of attempts to use, just like applying regular lashes – these have a learning curve if they take. After a few times of working with these, I came across them super quickly that I was able to use.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes:

  1. Position the lash that is upper top of one’s lashes, you almost wish to position it regarding the side of your eyelid.
  2. Take the underneath lash and hold it underneath your lashes. The magnet on the bottom lash will drag the lash that is upper your lid and onto the lash line.
  3. In towards your lash line if it drags it out way too much on the exterior part, just lightly pinch them together and push them. (Don’t stress, the magnetics won’t be harmed or pinch your eyes as you do this!)

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