How To Configure Belkin Wireless Router?

  • 22 Aug, 2018 /

Hello Friends

I am writing this blog for those who are having the problem in configuring Belkin wireless router. As you know there are many websites available online that can provide you multiple solutions and I am also trying for that. In this, you only need to check out these steps.

Step 1: Connect Ethernet from Router to Computer

First, we need to connect one of the ethernet port of the router from your laptop or computer.

Connect Ethernet from Router to Computer

Step 2: Enter Default IP Address Into Web Browser

Now it turns to type the default IP address of Belkin router that is in your web browser. If you find difficulty in accessing the web page visit -

Enter Default IP Address Into Web Browser

Step 3: Click Login

Click login to show the login page.

Click Login in belkin router

Step 4: Access Router Login Page

Click on the Submit button without entering any password in the password field. Hey but if you cannot access the web-based setup page what to do ……? No need to worry  click here -

Access Router Login Page

Step 5: Come Across Option Internet WAN

You will come across option Internet WAN and under that there is connection type, click on that.

Come Across Option Internet WAN

Step 6: Selection Your Connection Type

After this, if you are having confusion in selection your connection type, just contact your Internet Service Provider. Then Click Next.

Selection Your Connection Type

Step 7: Press Apply Changes Button

In the end, press Apply Changes Button, after entering information provided by your ISP.

Step 8: See Connected Status

Now You can see the connection status in the upper right corner.

Please Comment if you are still not able to configure. We will try to refine the solution more.

Thank You…

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