How to do Double-Sided Scanning on Epson Printer?

  • 03 Mar, 2019 /

Epson Printers are commonly known for their advanced printhead technology and flexible paper handling system. Most of the people who own Epson printer are not aware of its double-sided printing feature, also referred to as duplex printing. Yes, you have heard it right. You can scan, print, fax double-sided documents with Epson printers. With this feature of Epson printers, you can print and scan on both sides of the page automatically, using the product's built-in duplexer (WorkForce 645 Series only). Moreover, you can load the pages in the automatic document feeder (ADF), in order to scan, copy, and fax double-sided documents.

In a case, your printer does not support automatic duplex printing then you can also print double-sided in a manual manner. If you are using a Windows system, you can do manual double-sided printing by selecting the 2-sided printing option in the driver settings of Printer. Further, to print on both sides of the page from your computer, you have to load plain paper or Epson Bright White Paper and choose 2-Sided Printing (Windows) or one of the Two-sided Printing settings (Mac OS X).

Note: For some cases, the type of paper you use is not fit with the automatic duplexer, so you have to print it manually. Like when you are using Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte Double-sided or Epson Brochure & Flyer Paper Matte Double-sided you must print double-sided manually as this paper type is not compatible to work with the duplexer.

Want to do Double-Sided Scanning on Epson Printer? Here you go

In order to scan a double-sided document in the ADF of your Epson printer, push the Scan button and select any scanning method. Let's suppose, you have selected a Scan to PC option, then additionally press the Menu button and click on Scan settings. Now make a selection out of the 2-Sided settings. As you are using the Epson Scan software, select ADF - Double-sided option as the Document Source. This feature is supported in Office or Professional Modes only.

So you can easily scan a lot of 2-sided document using the ADF, and save it as a PDF document for later use. Remember you have to select the Office Mode of EPSON Scan in order to use the ADF of Epson. Start by scanning the odd-numbered pages first, then turn the document over and scan the even-numbered pages. Use the Editing Page window to perform automatic sort of scanned pages.

Want to copy a double-sided document using Epson printer? Let's check.

If you want to get a copy of the double-sided document in the ADF, you have to simply press the Copy button, followed by the Menu button.  Select one of the 2-Sided Printing settings under Paper and Copy Settings of the printer device.

How to fax a double-sided document on Epson printer? See how.

If you want a fax of double-sided document in the ADF of your printer machine, press the Fax button followed by the  Menu button. Now select one of the 2-Sided Scanning settings under Fax Send Settings of the printer.

Note: Users who own an Epson WorkForce 645 Series can get quicker access to all these discussed options. You have to only press the  2-Sided button to access double-sided scan, copy, or fax settings. Isn't that easier to do double-sided scans, prints or fax on Epson printer? Hope the solution helps in getting excellent scans or copies of your documents.

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