How To Fix Canon Printer Alignment Problem?

Canon Printer Alignment Problem

If your Canon printer is facing alignment issue then for sure your printer will not print with precision. Instead, your Canon printer can turn into a misaligned machine if any part of paper gets fastened in the machine. Usually, the printer turns out to be misaligned if the printer completes an extensive print job. If you are utilizing Windows operating system then you can utilize “Printers and Devices Alignment Utility” option.

For Windows

  • Click on Start and then select “Devices and Printers”.
  • Now, you have to click on the Canon printer image. Open up the pop-up menu and select Printing Preferences.
  • Further, click the icon of Services> Align the Print Cartridge.
  • Next, your Canon printer will instantly print an examination page related to alignment.
  • For aligning the cartridges, you have to adhere to the instructions given by Alignment wizard. When the alignment wizard approaches the completion stage, select Finish.

Printer Software

After launching the printer’s software, select Maintenance> Tools.
Click on Alignment Printer option and then select the Alignment button. Now an alignment page will be printed.
For completing the alignment process, you have to adhere to the instructions stated by alignment wizard. Once the alignment process reaches the completion stage, select Finish.

Physical Issues

Note: If you possess a Canon MP210 Printer then download it without CD.

  • Verify carefully if any paper is stuck up inside the printer. This is due to the reason that stuck up papers can lead to the improper alignment of printer cartridges. So, clear away all stuck up papers from your printer for rectifying the problem totally.
  • If printer cartridges are contaminated or congested then replace them with good quality papers as soon as possible.
  • You can also set up new manufacturer’s cartridges in Canon printer.

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