How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Windows 10?

How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Windows 10?

As we all know Google Chrome is one of the most prominent internet browser all across the globe. Even so, this browser is not 100 percent free from bug. There is no doubt in the fact that Google Chrome is extremely fast, reliable, and stable browser. Nevertheless, there are times where it does not respond and stops users from using the internet. If you are also going through a similar kind of problem, then you can try out troubleshoot steps that are mentioned below.

Solve the problem of Google Chrome not responding on Windows 10

There are times when third party applications can lead to issues. If you want to get rid of Why Google Chrome not responding after every few seconds?, then you need to run a scan on your system and see if that’s helpful.
Here is one more problem that every user faces that Why Chrome keeps on crashing?. In such a scenario, you need to clear the cache and see if that helps.
If your Google Chrome web browser keeps on freezing, then there may be some kind of problem in the installation process. So, you can solve this problem by reinstalling the Chrome.
Methods to solve the problem of Google Chrome not responding on Windows 10

Method 1: Add browser to the exception list of the firewall

If there is any kind of problem with the firewall, then your web browser may not respond due to that. The firewall is designed in such a manner that it prevents the internet from having an access to other applications so as to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You must add Chrome to the exception list of the firewall. Here are some easy steps that can make you do that.

Go to the search menu and then to the Windows firewall and then press enter.
Now, go to the left pane and enable the app by going to the Windows firewall.
Click on the button of change settings and then choose another application.
Choose Google Chrome, click on add and then finally click on ok.

After that your browser will be enabled to go through the firewall but if it does not, then these are some of the steps that you need to bring into action.

Method 2: Clear the cache

DNS cache can also be one of the reasons why the Google chrome not responding on Windows 10. This is not a very big problem and all you have to is to delete the cache to get rid of this problem. To clear the cache, there are certain commands that you need to run on the command prompt.

Press X key and the Windows key together for opening the Windows menu. Now, select powershell or command prompt from the list coming up in front of you.
Type these commands and press enter after typing every command
Netsh winsock reset

Method 3: Scan viruses on your system

Google chrome not responding on windows 10 problem can also occur because of the presence of malicious software on your system. Virus infection can prevent the user from accessing Chrome by making it unresponsive. But it is not like there is no end to this problem. You can resolve this problem by downloading an antivirus software on your system. Once you perform an antivirus scan on your computer, then it will detect all the malware infection present on your system and remove them.

To always keep your system safe and protected from malware, it is suggested to use an antivirus program like Bitdefender. This antivirus software provides good protection to our system and it has very powerful security attributes that will keep your system safe at all times no matter what.

Method 4 – SFC scan

This error may also occur because of corruption in some file. This problem can be resolved by running an SFC scan. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to run an SFC scan.

Open command prompt
When the prompt opens up, then type sfc/scannow and then press enter.
Now, the SFC scan is going to begin. This scan is going to take 15 minutes, so you must not cause any interruption in the process.

Once the scanning is complete, check if your issue has been resolved or it still persists. In case you feel that the issue still remains, then you can run another DISM scan.

Method 5: Ensure that you are running the latest version of Chrome

If your Chrome browser has become unresponsive on your laptop or computer system, then it may be because it is not updated. Some bugs start to cause some or the other kind of problem to the browser, which is why you must keep the browser up to date.
Chrome automatically checks for any available updates but if you want to look for the updates manually, then these are the steps that you need to perform. By updating Chrome you can solve the issue of Google chrome not responding windows 10.

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome web browser.
Step 2 : Select the menu icon that is given in the top right vertex and then go to help and then about Google Chrome.
Step 3: A new tab is going to open up and then the chrome will check for updates. If any updates are available, then it will start downloading it automatically otherwise it will show that the Chrome is up to date.

Method 6: Clear the cookies, browsing history, and cache

Another major reason why Chrome stops responding is because of the the cache. In case the cache is corrupt, then it will obviously cause problems to the browser, so you must clear the cache. These are the steps to perform for cleaning the cache to solve the problem of Google chrome not responding windows 10.

Launch Google Chrome and then select the menu icon that is placed on the top right corner. Select settings by going to the menu.
After that, the settings tab is going to appear. Go down and then select advanced.
Now, select clear browser history.
Select clear data and then choose time to all time.

Once you are done with cleaning the cache, see if the problem still remains.


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