How To Fix Windows 10 Stop Code Error?

There is not a single way to explain how stop errors occur. These errors are also known by the name of bug check errors or blue screen errors. There can be several factors responsible for Windows 10 stop code error. Although there are certain studies that states stop errors are not caused because of components of Microsoft Windows.
Rather, these errors appear because of hardware driver malfunctioning. These are the drivers that get installed due to the use of third party software. These drivers include security programs, wireless network cards, and video cards. Analysis show that the major cause for Windows 10 stop code error is:-

  • 70% occurs because of driver code
  • 10% is because of hardware issues
  • 5% is because of the Microsoft code
  • Remaining 15% is because of unknown causes

Here are some of the steps that you can bring into action for Windows 10 blue screen fix

  • View the error code once again. You can locate it by going to the event logs. You can look for the particular stop error codes to view whether they are going to be any workarounds, resolutions issues.
  • It is advisable that you should install the latest update of Windows. Moreover, you should install rollup updates and cumulative updates. For verification of the update status you can go to the webpage of update history for the system.
  • Additionally, you need to ensure that firmware and BIOS are up to date.
  • Also, to get rid of stop code Windows 10 issue run the necessary memory and hardware tests.
  • Moreover, you need to run the diagnostic package of Windows. This can be used for collecting dump files. Now, check available solutions.
  • Use virus detection program or Safety Scanner provided by Microsoft. These programs must have master boot record checks.
  • Furthermore, to deal with stop code windows 10 issue, you must ensure that there is enough free space on your hard disk. Exact free space requirement may differ but it is somewhere between 10-15 percent.
  • Contact the respective software or hardware vendor for updating applications and drivers.
  • In case, no updates are currently available from the manufacturer’s side, then you must disable the service.

Steps for advanced troubleshooting
According to an estimate, majority of the stop errors occur because of faulty drivers. There is a driver verifier tool that one can use as it offers various methods for troubleshooting to provide you with Windows 10 blue screen fix. This includes validating parameters, increasing memory pressure, and running of drivers in an isolated memory pool. Here are certain guidelines that one must keep in mind while using driver verifier.

  • Initially, check whether there are any suspicious drivers or not.
  • In case the non-analyzable crashes continue to happen, then you must enable verification on unsigned and third party drivers.
  • Other than that, you must enable simultaneous verification on at least 20 drivers.

Moreover, if your system does not restart due to the driver verifier, then you can try disabling it by starting your system on safe mode. This tool does not work in safe mode.
So, these are the two different troubleshooting methods that you can use in order to solve your problem of Windows 10 stop code error. These two are the best ways to get rid of Windows 10 blue screen fix. We hope that the solution given in this article works out well for you.

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