How to setup Belkin router without CD?

  • 04 Dec, 2018 /

There are two different ways that a person can follow to setup a Belkin router. One is by using the CD that comes along with the router and the other one is to use the inbuilt internet-based setup. If you wish to know how to setup Belkin router without CD, then you have opened the right link. There are three main processes that one needs to go through to configure Belkin router without CD.

Check your network connection

This is to determine whether the network connection provided by the ISP is working or not.

  • Link your modem to the computer system by making use of Ethernet cable. This is to be done before the installation of the router.
  • Try to access a site and check whether your internet is working or not.
  • Once the connection is established, then setup Belkin router without CD.

Link the devices

To begin with the setup you have to link your modem to the router:

  • Link your modem to the internet.
  • To fix Belkin router without CD, Insert the modem plugged into the switchboard and then turn on the switch.
  • Link the system to your router’s Ethernet ports. In case you are using a wireless system, you need to link it with the Ethernet cable.
  • Check the light that is in the upper panel of your router. Wait for the light to turn into blue.

Access the internet-based setup page

To install Belkin router without CD, you need to get access to the internet-based setup page. This enables you to check wireless and wired internet connection.  

  • Double click on your web browser and open it. Put the URL section and then click on the search icon.
  • When you appear on the page or let’s connect to the internet, check your internet connection.
  • When the network connection is established, then you must change the name of your network and password.
  • Then, the verification process will be done. The network name and password will be verified.
  • After that, to fix Belkin router without CD, enter all the necessary details on the window to register your router. Then, complete your registration.
  • Go to dashboard button and then click on thanks.
  • You can change the settings of your router. Now, connect the router to the wireless network.

So, this is the process that you are required to follow in order to install Belkin router without CD. Technology has provided us with the finest gifts. Therefore, we must know how we should use it for the best of our benefit.  We hope that our process to know how to configure the Belkin router without CD works out well for you.


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