How To Setup HP Printer With WPS Pin?

If you want to connect your printer to the the wireless network, we recommend that you must get in touch with your system administrator before installation.

HP printer with WPS pin

  • Press the button of wireless setup which is placed at the back of your machine for at least 3 seconds or more as given in the illustration below.
  • A piece of paper will start printing right away, which is going to show up an 8-digit PIN number and then it will begin looking for the access point for 5 minutes.
  • To setup HP printer with WPS pin, use the computer that is currently connected to the network and open the web browser. After that, enter the IP address. Then, you must go to the Wi-Fi protected setup and from there go to the settings page. You must enter the PIN that is given on the printed page on the access point and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Wait for the LED light to confirm that the connection has been established. It means that a successful connection has been established to the router. This allows you to connect your wireless network to the printer.
  • In case the LED light shows that there is no connection, then that means the printer will get connected to the router. In case the same message comes up once again, then you should bring your printer machine back to the factory default settings.

Steps to follow to set up HP printer with WPS PIN on Windows

  • Turn on your PC and close all the applications that were running prior to proceeding with the process of configuration.
  • A CD must have supplied to you together with the printer. Place it in the CD-ROM drive. After that, an opening screen will open up in front of you. Choose the language and the model of the printer.
  • To setup HP printer with WPS pin, go to the menu screen and select the install printer driver.
  • Go to the wireless network users and click on it.
  • Select driver install only and then click on next.
  • After that to setup HP printer with WPS pin, the license agreement window is going to open up. Select yes, if you do not have any problem with the license agreement.
  • Select standard installation and click on next.
  • Select choose from the list of discovered devices and enter the IP address of the printer and then click on next.
  • Click on next after choosing the printer to setup HP printer with WPS pin.
  • Select Finish.


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