How To Setup Linksys Router Without Cd?

If you are looking for a way through which you can come to know how to setup Linksys router without CD, then you have come to the right place. If you have lost your CD drive or CD setup, then you can try out setting up Cisco Linksys router without CD. You can setup your Linksys router manually.

How to setup Cisco Wireless router without CD?

So, mentioned-below are some of the steps that you are required to follow in order to Setup Linksys Router without CD.

  • Visit the technical support website of Linksys. Go to the search field and type in your product’s model number and then press enter.
  • Look for the button of Firmware or Downloads.
  • Now, choose your device’s hardware version.
  • Once you have chosen the hardware version, you can start finding out the setup software for your system and download it.
  • After that, to know how to setup Linksys router without CD save the software and place it on a desired location.
  • Although, it is best to store the file on the Desktop.
  • Now, select Linksys connect and double click on it. After that, setup the downloaded file.
  • In order to understand terms and information, click on the link of License terms. When you are done with that check your box.
  • Follow the steps that are mentioned on the setup screen. If your network is established through the satellite,
  • Fiber optic, or T1, then link the Ethernet wire to the yellow colored port of the Linksys router. Now, click on next.
  • Once you follow this step for setting up Cisco Linksys router without CD, Linksys will begin to configure your network.
  • Once the setup procedure will begin, it will create a password and router name for your Wi-Fi network. Go to next, once you are done.
  • After that, your connection type will be configured. A screen will come up displaying the details of user accounts in the required areas. After that, go to Next.
  • Then in the next step to know how to setup Linksys router without CD, you will observe a window of confirmation displaying that the internet connection has been established.
  • After that, you will be guided to the main window of the Linksys connect. It has options to manage and modify the network settings.

So, if you want to know how To Setup Linksys Router Without CD, then these are the steps that you must follow.

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