How to setup TP-Link router for Streamyx?

Hello friends! here I am guiding you how to setup TP-Link router for Streamyx –

  1. First of all, you have to connect the TP-Link router with ADSL splitter through ADSL port that is located on the back of the TP-link router.
  2. After that, plug-in power adapter and turn on your TP-link router.
  3. Now, its time to connect the laptop to WiFi network by using the default WiFi network name and password. In addition to this, you can also connect your laptop through the LAN1 port using an ethernet cable.
  4. Once your system gets connected to the internet, open any web browser and then enter the following URL exactly, i.e., “”. Now you are immediately redirected to a login screen where you have to enter username and password. In the username field, type “admin” and in the password field box type “admin”. Once you enter these details, hit Login.
  5. From the left side of the menu, choose Quick Setup. On the Quick Setup Start page, choose Next to continue.
  6. On the Quick Setup -Operation mode page, you have to choose “ADSL Modem Router mode”. Hit the Next to continue.
  7. On the Quick Setup – WAN Configuration page, move to Country box and choose your country. After that, move to PPP Username box and enter your Streamyx ID name. But if you are not sure about Streamyx ID and password then please contact experts. Hit Next to Continue.
  8. On the Quick Setup – Wireless Configuration page, press a click on Enable Wireless.
  • In the wireless network name box, enter your preferred WiFi name.
  • Move to Network Authentication box and choose “WPA-Personal”.
  • Then move to Wireless Network key box and enter preferred WiFi password. Hit Enter.

On the Quick Setup Summary page, first, confirm your information and then choose to Confirm option to finish the setup.

Now your TP-Link router will take a few moments to reboot and after that new changes will come into effect.

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