How To Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Wipes?

It is always advised to take off your makeup before going to sleep, otherwise, your skin will get infection and pimples even lashes started to fall. But sometimes makeup removing wipes and makeup removing liquid are finished. In that case, we are here to present you some home remedies to take off your makeup.

We will help you to provide you with natural ways on how to take off makeup without makeup wipes:-

Coconut Oil

We can use coconut oil for taking off makeup and it leaves the skin moisturized. Its very easy to use just put some drops of oil in a cotton ball and wipe all foundation, eyeliner, and mascara etc.


Olive Oil

Generally, we use olive oil for salad and pasta but it’s surprising that it can be used as taking off makeup. It is best for dry skin females as there is softening agents present.



It is made up of milk and it have probiotic properties that cool the skin. It have enzymes and lactic acid that help to remove the dead skin. Just dip the cotton in yogurt and massage it.



Milk is a combination of protein, water and fats that help in removing makeup. It is helpful for those who have sensitive skin.


Baby Shampoo

If you have a small child or new born baby then definitely you have baby shampoo. It can also be used as a alternative for removing makeup. Best for eyes makeup.


Cucumber Juice

Many beauty products contain cucumber as one of its ingredients for removing makeup so rather than going to store make a paste of cucumber and add oil of your choice and then used it on face. It help to cure acne.



It is the most important part everybody should go for it. It is a natural therapy which removes last traces of makeup on a face as it helps to open the pores and makes it more glowing.


Aloe Vera

It is used to cure sunburn and best for oily skin. The makeup which is hard to remove for that aloe vera is the best choice as it contains amino acids. It makes you feel refreshed and cool.

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