HP Printer Printing Double Vision?

Hp Printer Printing Double Vision

A number of reasons can be responsible for HP printer double vision issue. It can happen because of some problem in the internal software or due to calibration issues. Here are some of the troubleshooting techniques that you can follow to get rid of this problem.

1) Check the settings of printing

Print settings of a printer play a chief role in determining the appearance of the printed document. Open the HP solution center application that you got together with your printer. This will give you the complete idea of what a printed document looks like. Visit the print settings to verify that the color, resolution, print size, and quality are exactly as per the paper dimension requirement.

2) Re-calibrate your printer’s print-head

The calibration setting present inside your HP printer makes certain that the ink from the cartridge falls on the right place on your document, so that a smooth and clean print out is delivered. There can be some modification in the settings or some kind of snag in the software that could have reset your calibration. So, in order to solve this problem, you must turn on your computer system and go to the toolbar for launching the software program. Go to the print settings and there you will see the calibration option. Select that option and realign the text and save the changes you made. Print a sample document to ensure that the problem has been resolved. Once the calibration issue is resolved, then HP printer printing double vision will also get resolved.

3) Check the dimensions of the paper

Please ensure that the sheet that you are using for the printing purpose are in accordance with the printing machine guidelines. If not, then it can lead to a serious problem such as double vision or misalignment. Additionally, you must check that the paper tray is working in a proper manner to solve the issue of HP Printer printing double vision..

4) Reset your printer

In case the steps given above could not solve your problem, then that means there is some kind of turbulence in the internal software program. If that is the case, then the issue can only be resolved by using the option of last resort that is to reset the printer. This will bring your printer back to the default configurations and all the software related problems will get resolved.

Some more troubleshooting techniques that you can follow to resolve your problem:

In case the HP printer double vision problem is still not resolved, then you must follow these points given below:

  • Go to the system tray, there you will see the HP printer icon. Double click on that icon. After that, move to the tab of toolbox.
  • On the left side of the Window, your will see a status link. Select that link. Then, navigate to the status menu and select the link of print infor pages.
  • After that, on the right pane you will view a blue-colored button that is called the print button. Click on it. Now to fix the problem of HP printer printing double vision, see if the bars made of L shape are converging of the printed paper.


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