Why My Desktop Is Unavailable After Windows 10 Update?

Windows 1803 update is great but at the same time, it has lead to several problems for Microsoft users. Although your machine is completely secure even if you update its OS to Windows 10. Many of the users have launched a complaint of desktop unavailable after Windows 10 update. Although, it is a bit difficult to fix the issue of after windows 10 update no desktop.

People are still unclear with the fact that Desktop unavailable after Windows 10 update. Some of the users have pointed out that it is maybe because of the antivirus security software such as AVG and Avast installed on their computer systems. There are some particular antivirus programs that are not compatible with Windows 10. In case you have not updated your OS to Windows 10 1803 version, then you must uninstall AVG or Avast software from your computer system. Mentioned below are the two fixes that you can follow in order to solve the problem of desktop gone after windows 10 update.

Solution 1:
Copy and paste the folder of Desktop to get rid of desktop gone after windows 10 update

In case you get access to your file explorer, try out the points given below:

  • Launch file explorer and go to the option of view that is given on the top and click on it.
  • Now, take a look at the items given in the hidden item box.
  • Go to C drive and then users and then default.
  • Choose a desktop folder and then press the keys Ctrl and C together at the same time.
  • Go to C drive, then Windows and the system 32.
  • After that, config, system profile and in the end press Ctrl+V.
  • Now, reboot your system.

Solution 2:
Repair the device through Windows upgrade

In order to deal with after windows 10 update desktop missing issue, you will require an 8GB USB stick. Prior to getting started with the process, you need to go to the official website of Microsoft and download the tool of installation. Now, develop an installation USB of Windows 10 on your drive. Then, follow the steps given below.

  • Turn on your computer and select a language.
  • After that, move forward with using another operating system and Windows 10 with least volume.
  • When your system starts booting and the error message comes in front, click on the OK button.
  • Now, go to the taskbar and right click on it. Then, select task manager.
  • Go to the task manager Window’s upper left side. Now, go to file and then run a new task.
  • After that, choose to browse and find setup.exe on your drive.
  • Click on it and then move forward with the process if you want to upgrade Windows
  • After that, run the process.

If you properly follow the steps that are mentioned above, then after windows 10 update no desktop issue will go away. We hope that this article could help you out with your issue of after windows 10 update desktop missing.

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