Why My Netgear n600 Router Won’t Turn On?

Netgear n series routers are known to provide high speed data connectivity with bandwidth and range between 2.4 and 5 ghz. The main concerns why the netgear n600 router won’t turn on can be because of following reasons;

  • Device is not connected properly to its power outlet.
  • Router’s firmware failure.
  • Power adapter issues.
  • Hardware failure
  • Re-setting the router

We will discuss all the problems in detail and give solution correspondingly.

Device not connected properly to its power outlet

If the led lights on the front of Netgear n600 router does not show up or blinks, it means the power adapter is presumably not connected properly to its electrical outlet. Before you power the device, it is advisable to check the power adapter that comes with the router. It is quite possible that the device might not be properly connected to the electrical outlet or the there is a fault in electrical outlet itself. If it is not properly connected to the power outlet, rectify it and then press the power button.

Router’s firmware failure

It is quite important to update the router’s firmware regularly. Any signs of malfunction by the router could be due to failure of router’s firmware. You can download the router’s firmware directly from the official site of netgear if it is showing any kind of faults.

Power adapter issues

Your netgear router won’t power on if the power adapter isn’t working. Netgear routers of series N use 12V DC and 2.5A power adapter. So if your router ain’t responding, it is quite feasible that the power adapter is not working. In such scenrio, it is recommended to purchase a new power adapter.

Hardware failure

The LED lights on most of the netgear routrers remain switched ON for about 10 seconds and then go off. However if the LED light remains lit continously, there might be chances of hardware failure in your router.

Re-setting the router

Press and hold the reset button at the back of router with a paperclip for about 10 seconds. It will re-set the router to factory default settings. This may lead to termination of any kind of hardware failures, if any in the router.

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