Why Can’t I Connect To My Arris Router Settings Page?

Dear user if you are unable to connect to Arris router settings page then you need to know that the IP address of every router varies according to different regions. This is the main concern why you are unable to access your router settings. Kindly use the IP address according to your region. I am still providing the details on how to connect to arris router setting page. I am however trying my best to satisfy your query. Follow the guidelines below;

Connect To My Arris Router Settings Page

  • Go to your desktop screen followed by start and open command prompt.
  • Now type ipconfig in the command prompt. This way you will find your default gateway.
  • The gateway that your command prompt is showing is your IP address.
  • Now go to your browser and type that IP into your web browser.
  • You will be prompted to login.
  • By default the username is admin and password can be either admin or password.
  • When your gateway settings open, click on wifi on the left navigation panel.
  • Under wifi click on the option “add”.
  • You can change your SSID (network name ) and router password from here. Make sure broadcast network name is enabled and apply “save settings”
  • You can now successfully connect to your ARRIS router settings page.

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